Resume Preparation and Promotion Services (RPPS)

Resume Preparation and Promotion Services (RPPS)

As is known, Canadian employers and provincial agencies (to plan their manpower shortages and needs) can assess applications filed in the Express Entry Pool (EEP) and profiles submitted in the Canada job bank. Those selected out of pool can be supported by the employers through positive LMIA (Labor market Impact Analysis) and by provinces through provincial nomination. They will also be able to claim 600 additional points in the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) of EEP.

Also called resume-marketing services at times, Resume Preparation and Promotion Services (RPPS) is a unique value addition offered by Abhinav, the industry leader. As a candidate who has filed for Express Entry program to Canada, RPPS is a genuine effort to make your resume “heard” amongst Canadian Employers.  If efforts are successful, it can lead to higher ranking, thereby success in selected from the EEP.

Here is what we do:

  1. We prepare an International Standard Canadian Resume, based on client’s inputs and profile.
  2. It is to be understood that national occupation classifications coding and job descriptions is an important consideration for Canadian employers and provincial agencies. Our process team and resume department works closely to prepare our clients resume as per identifies NOC in which his residence application is to be filed. This is a highly skilled task. Thus, we just don’t assist you in preparing an international resume; we work on the entire profile in line with residence application.
  3. Our in-house team reviews positions advertised on various Canadian portals.
  4. They also identify prospective employers based on well-researched employer and job search agencies databases.
  5. Clients ID’s are created with concurrence of the client and Clients profile are then promoted to such databases. Reference number of clients’ submitted profile in EEP and databank are provided for their quick reference and assess.
  6. Where an employer or province is interested, the client is advised on process for moving forward.

Please note that such a search may or may not succeed. There is no guarantee that it will lead to sure offer or nomination but it is clearly a step in the right direction. And what is more, this service comes from Abhinav, an industry pioneer and leader against a non-refundable fee of just Rupees 15,000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand only) against high fee ranging from Rupees 30,000-50,000/- charged by many consulting companies in the market.

Even those who are not Abhinav clients for EEP filing can take this service. Interested? Please write immediately to and mark your query RPPS if you are interested in only this service and EEP-RPPS, where you wish to hire Abhinav services for both lodgment of EEP application as well as RPPS.


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