Residency in Canada – Apply Canada PR Today

Residency in Canada – Apply Canada PR Today

Residency in Canada

Canada attracts all, including the youth brigade, because of its hi-tech life and multiple benefits that are enjoyed by the migrants therein and the best way to get this life-time opportunity is to Apply and get Residency in Canada. It is the country’s flexible immigration policy that has added fuel to migration fire.

Key Requirements

To grab nation’s residency, a person needs to do some homework. An applicant should ensure these before starting with the application process.

  • Enough funds to support—It is mandatory that the aspirant has a certain fixed amount in his bank account. This is to prove that he can sustain his living in the country for a period of six months if he is unable to get jobs during this time period.
  • Necessary assessment of his credentials-All the necessary documents like educational certificates, heath and character certificates should be verified beforehand.
  • Original Documents- Every visa class calls for some documents. A hopeful migrant needs to keep all originals and photocopies of the required documents in order to save him from the last minute hassles. This includes all the supporting documents to the visa type, including diplomas, certificates, educational degrees, sponsorship letter and all relevant information.
  • Skill valuation test–A person needs to get his skills assessed and keep its copy with him. It needs to be attached.
  • Language ability test—The person who wishes to cross the borders, needs to undergo certain tests like the ILETS, etc. An applicant must not only have taken this test, but also have secured not less than 7 points in order to grab qualifying points under the point based system. His wonderful score above 6 will help him grab 10 points.
  • Additional fees–While applying for residency in Canada, the candidate needs to pay certain fees. His application is processed as soon as he clears all the additional and mandatory charges.
  • Specific documents–As there are several gateways to enter the overseas hotspot, the candidate needs to collect extra documents that apply to the type of the visa he has selected.

If a person is applying for residence in Canada for a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) he requires applying in 2 stages.

  1. Request to the PNP of territory or province where he wants to live in. The application is reviewed on the basis of 2 aspects
    • Points scored by him. Whether the migrant really wants to live in that specific province.

Request to the Immigration, Refugee and citizenship Canada (IRCC) for PR once the migrant gets nomination certificate from the specific province where he wants to live in. Here his application will be reviewed according to the Canadian rules. Along with this application, the candidate needs to get a police verification certificate and a medical certificate. These two checks are necessary for the successful applying for residency in Canada –no matter wherever a person wishes to live in the nation.


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