Unearth How to Get PR for Canada!

Unearth How to Get PR for Canada!

Canada Permanent residency (PR) is given to the person who lives in the nation, but is not its citizen. The person who holds this enjoys numerous benefits. Moreover, he can enter and stay in the nation by using this status given in the form of a plastic card called PR for Canada.

The PR Card gives hassle-free living and maintains the security of the holder. A person who travels to the Maple Leaf Country may be a student or a skilled migrant, but everyone needs to obtain PR. Multiple opportunities are available to the aspiring migrants who wish to work and live in the hotspot.

Some Widely Used PR Immigration Paths

Express Entry or Skilled Immigrants Programme-This is one of the most popular gateways. It allows maximum people grab the PR of the nation. Trained people are of a great benefit to the country as they add on to its economy. To apply under this category, the aspiring migrant is assessed on his education, professional experience, age, knowledge of the language, etc. Express Entry that was started in January 2015 clearly tells about the visa process. A person applies online with his language score and work experience. Depending on the facts provided by him, he is cherry-picked by the Canadian employers. This pathway takes six months for processing.

Self Employed Programme-A person who possesses work experience and is a self-employed person can move through this trail. He will be selected by the information provided by him on education, work experience, language skills, age and adaptability to the named place whereas meeting character and medical requirements stands mandatory.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)-When a migrant applies PR for Canada, he may get selected by the employers there in, and based on this nomination the applicant can be processed further. Employer’s nomination helps him clear the hurdles of visa obstacles. If an aspirant is looking for visa in some specific province, then he applies under this category to that territory.

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme–A migrant who has some business idea and who is fully backed with enough funds to start a business in the hotspot can apply through this scheme. Visa under this programme is granted based upon the language proficiency requirements, adequate funds and the business scheme.

Sponsorship Programmes Rules for sponsorship are quite liberal in the Maple Leaf Country. Any person who is a resident of the nation and 18 years of age can sponsor his relatives to come to the country under this sponsorship specific programme.

Whatever is the pathway for immigration to Canada, the aspirant needs to submit a dully filled application online along with the application fee. Based upon the details, he may be called for an interview on a specific date, at a designated time.

The interview is to cross check the details. The points are assigned to the immigration seeker and depending on these points, his visa is granted. Not-to-mention youngsters grab more points so they qualify for swift entry to the country.


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