All You Need To Learn about Canada Express Entry Programme

All You Need To Learn about Canada Express Entry Programme

The much talked about and the newly introduced Canada Express Entry Programme of Canada is essentially an online immigration and visa programme tailored to increase the pace of the admission of the global skilled workers to Canada. It acts as a sort of link between the job seekers and the recruiters keen to hire trained manpower to fill the different vacancies in the job market.

Thanks to the Express Entry Programme, skilled applicants can now move to the destination in a swift manner. They also get linked to the different employers in the country. The programme also significantly reduces paperwork.

And if you are an employer, using the programme you can choose the best trained international candidates. You may also get your employees to the Maple Leaf Country rapidly without having to wait for long.

Yes, brought into existence on the lines of Skill Select of Australia Express Entry Programme is allegedly aimed towards offering great benefits to the trained overseas people, permitting them to easily move to the destination and make handy contributions to the nation’s specific labor market requirements.

Express Entry Programme generates best profile of the applicants, on the basis of their abilities and experience, even as those keen to shift to the hotspot, as per this new arrangement, can either obtain a skilled employment offer, get duly nominated, via provincial nomination, or may register selves under the job bank.

Express Entry Programme Key Features

Employment Offer: Under the class the candidate gets nominated either via the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Canadian Experience Class, or the Federal Skilled Trades Programme. It necessitates the applicants to fulfill every eligibility condition, as per the Express Entry arrangement and obtain a skilled job offer from a recruiter/job-provider in the nation.

Through a provincial nomination: Under the arrangement, the qualified foreign nationals, who fail to get any employment offer from the three economic immigration schemes, may get a nomination from any of the provinces or territories in the country in regard to the Provincial nomination program. The corridor permits the candidates to gain Invitation to Apply (ITA) from a specific province in the nation with a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) of the recruiter/firm in that province.

Job bank: The applicants, who fail to get any job offer from either via the economic immigration plans or via the provincial nomination, will be duly registered under the job bank of Express Entry. It is basically a place where the recruiters can access their profile and provide them ITAs as per their particular needs and necessities.

Express Entry Processing

The forthcoming candidates should make Express Entry profiles, mentioning their skill sets, educational qualifications and employment experience.

Register with Canada Job Bank for better position in the pool and to dramatically improve your chances of getting an ITA for the Canada PR Visa with the IRCC.

Every profile found to be correct will move into the pool for Express Entry.

The involved parties (recruiters /local authorities/Provincials), with access to the pool, will confirm the profiles and accordingly issue an ITA to the potential candidates.

The selected applicants can then present an application for the prized permanent residency/immigration, via the individual economic immigration schemes.

Eligibility Requirements

Every person can present a petition for the Canada Express Entry Programmes regardless of their professions, as against other Canada immigration plans, where it was mandatory for a person to have experience in any of the line-of-work, given on the nation’s qualified occupations list.


The terms & conditions for the programme are not much different from what one gets to find under the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP). Under the latest arrangement, the candidates are not considered on the first-come-first-serve-basis. In its place, the focus is on excellence. Under the system, the possible immigrants are evaluated on the basis of their education, language skills, Canadian work experience, age and other characteristics that may result in their success in the nation.

While we are on the subject, let’s check this relevant news report!

2,772 ITA for Canadian PR Given in Latest Draw

As per a report, a combined total of 2,772 applicants have been provided with an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the most recent Express Entry Programme draw which occurred on September 6. The draw in question witnessed a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score obligation of 435. So, candidates in the Express Entry Pool, with a total of 435 or more at the time of the draw, may presently submit an application for the PR standing in the nation.


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