Want To Live Life Full Of Opportunities? Migrate to Canada!

Want To Live Life Full Of Opportunities? Migrate to Canada!

Canada is a young country and is often referred as an ‘immigrant’s paradise’. Migrate to canada the country is dream of many, especially for those who know what the country offers to its migrants.

A large number of people migrate every year, many countries are popular immigration destinations but the Maple Leaf Country has something special about it. In the last two decades, the destination has won the hearts of migrants from every corner of the world and become a top notch immigration destination.

Canada offers immense opportunities and numerous benefits to grow economically. It is an ideal place for those who are inquisitive and eager to learn new culture and things. Migrate to Canada if you want a successful and peaceful life full of happiness and mental satisfaction.

Following are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy when you become a Canadian resident:

  1. Right to live and work anywhere in the country without any limitation or restriction.
  2. Those with Permanent Residency (PR) enjoy many social benefits, such as free schooling for their children, and also healthcare benefits that cover the entire family.
  • As a permanent resident, you have a right to invite or sponsor a family member.
  1. Unemployment assistance and financial aid.
  2. Applicant with a Canadian passport or citizenship has a right to travel to approximately 110 countries without obtaining a visitor visa.
  3. Parallel to its citizens, the country offers equal rights, freedom and status to its immigrants as well.
  • Once you have lived and worked in the country for at least three years, you may apply for Canadian passport and citizenship.
  • Low earning residents are entitled to get apartments at subsidized rates, all thanks to the nation’s immigrant-friendly policies.

Migrate to Canada

If you are eager to make the Maple leaf Country your second home, you can easily choose any of these immigration programmes that suit your needs the best:

Express entry: The number of applicants will be selected by the end of the year will be something to watch out for. Trade analysts believe that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is very close to achieving its annual target.

Parent and Grandparent: The good news for those migrants who have been dying to bring along their parents and grandparents the category not only reopened this year, the new liberal government has doubled the number of applications to be accepted from 5000 to 10000.

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme: During the first tenure of the programme approximately 2800 permanent residents have been accepted by the province, the second tenure has done much better. Prospective immigrants are waiting for fresh announcements from the Quebec Government.

Other Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs): Apart from these there are several PNPs in the pipeline which would accept 1000s of applications before the year ends.

You can easily move to the country using the services of a professional Canada Immigration Consultant. If you are all ready, then why take a risk?


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