Job Based PR in Toronto — Are You Attracted?

Job Based PR in Toronto — Are You Attracted?

Toronto–one of the provinces of Canada–is a popular immigration destination because of the benefits the migrants enjoy there. The responsible Memorandum of understanding (MOU) looks after the immigration formalities and provides hassle-free immigration and settlement in the province.

Emphasis is laid on improving civic engagements, helpful employment, educational, and training opportunities to the migrant. All these amenities are enjoyed by the migrants through their job based PR in Toronto.

Toronto was the major crowd puller over the course of the last 5 years even as 50% of the total migrants to the nation moved to it. Needless to say, the region has improved infrastructure to meet the needs of expats.

It also plays a deceive role in helping migrants with various programmes and services. Three governments decide the rules and regulations pertaining to the city and ensure enticing opportunity to the migrant so that he participates well in the diverse and vibrant society.

Job based PR in Toronto offers seamless work opportunities, resources and a wide range of programmes that assist in maximizing the participation of the migrants in the region’s cultural and economic life. The region helps the migrants with its expert advice in the settlement process.

  • Approach to Employment–Migrant with a job based PR in Toronto enjoys assess to good jobs that enables hassle-free settlement. Barriers to labor market have been removed so that more migrants can come to the Maple Leaf Country through its Federal Skilled Migrant Programme.
  • Access to training and education–All respective measures are taken so that migrant enjoys easy access to education and training opportunities. French, being the second language various institutes and universities, provides opportunities of learning the language.
  • Access to services – The aspirant enjoys access to various services, as decided by the MOU.
  • Access to citizenship – The job based PR in Toronto allows the aspirants an easy access to the citizenship of the country as decided by the MOU.
  • Right to Transparency – An aspirant enjoys the right to transparency, which is one of the best virtues enjoyed by the migrants in the province of Canada.

For immigration through the Federal Skilled Migration Programme, there are 347 occupations. Depending on the points scored through the point based system, the applicants can submit their Expression of interest (EOI) to the Express Entry System 2015. The migrant grabbing job through pathway is required to apply for PR within 60 days of receiving an invitation.

To meet the requirements of the job based PR in Toronto a migrant should meet the following conditions:

  • Work experience–He must possess one year continuous work experience within the previous 10 years and his occupation must be listed in the National Occupation List.
  • His scoring must not be less than 67 points.
  • He must possess suitable funds to sustain living in the province.
  • His language skill must meet the benchmark of 7.
  • He must have a health and character certificate that shows he is in a good health.

Summary: Job based PR in Toronto can be grabbed through the nation’s Federal Skilled Worker Programme. In this scheme, the applicant needs to grab 67 points scored through assessment of age, experience, skill, adaptability, and character and health certificate.


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