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The availability of superlative health & educational facilities, and first-rate infrastructure–and of course rewarding job, investment, and business opportunities–in Canada has made the nation the Number 1 immigration destination in the world.  Now you can get easily by Investment Program in Canada.

Its varied religious and ethnic background is another major crowd puller that has flooded the country with migrant population. The Maple Leaf Country is regarded as a wonderful place for the Asian community even as it claims the nation as their home, and could be seen everywhere in the nation, especially in the regions of Toronto and Vancouver.

Investment Program in Canada

In case you happen to be either a business person or manager eager to move to the country, the Business/Investor Immigration Schemes could be a vital fast-track visa & immigration choice for you.  Investment Program in Canada

Canada business immigration seeks to draw the people having the relevant business and/or managerial experience, who will make handy contributions to the growth and progress of the nation’s economy.

In case you are interested to make a profitable investment in the Maple Leaf Country or launch/get hold of a firm/venture there in, you have numerous good opportunities to choose by Investment Program in Canada. You may either submit an application under the federal start-up visa scheme or, in case you know which specific province/territory in which you intend to live, you can explore the various investor or entrepreneur options up-for-grabs under the Canadian Provincial Business Immigration Programs.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and its regional counterparts run numerous easy-to-follow investment programs for the overseas investors and businessmen.

Using the program in question, the applicants can obtain Canadian PR and even citizenship in the long run.

Key Requirements

Aspirants while targeting migration through the ladder of investment need to fulfill certain criteria.

  • When it comes to minimum investment, then the amount invested should not be less than 200,000 Canadian Dollars and 75000 Canadian Dollars if the investment is from the Canadian angel investor group.
  • The investment program in Canada is tailor made for experienced people who wish to contribute to the nation’s economy expecting long term prosperity through their investment made in the economy.
  • It is expected that the candidate possesses relevant business experience to run and manage the company.
  • His total capital should not be less than 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars which he should have earned by doing a lawful business.
  • He must be capable of investing 800,000 Canadian Dollars in the business and create at least one year long vacancies for the residents.

The money that is invested in the economy is utilized for creating jobs and meeting migration expenses. Even the country’s financial and banking sector utilizes the fund for helping the needful people, money-wise. It is also used for projects, and most of the funds are distributed between the territories and provinces. The entire money is used for developing economies and creating jobs for 5 years. The investment remains safe with the governing authorities. After the completion of 5 years, the principal amount is returned to the investors, though without any interests on it.

On the successful approval of application, an individual needs to make an investment before availing the Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). He gets 30 days for completing the investment formalities. A concealed letter is sent to the aspirant clearly stating the procedure and the list of necessary copies and certificates that need to be submitted by the date mentioned in there in.

Medical Examination–Once your application is processed, you need to have a medical examination done. This is one of the mandatory conditions and applies to all aspirants. If your health does not match with the requirements of the visa or it pose any kind of danger to the country’s public health, then your application will be rejected. Complete information is provided on this once the application is forwarded.

Police Verification–Any aspirant with criminal records is denied entry to the Maple Leaf Country. The aspirants who pose a risk to the nation’s security also are deprived of any kind of visa. Every wishful migrant needs to submit a police certificate to the visa office.

Your visa application, principal amount of the investment, police verification and medical exam all taken together decide your fate and help you get the nation’s prized PR.


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