Use Express Entry for Immigration to Manitoba Canada

Use Express Entry for Immigration to Manitoba Canada

The second largest country in the world, Canada is ethnically diverse. Nowhere will you find so much natural beauty and variety, and if you are looking forward for a modern lifestyle and a strong economy to help you grow economically, then also you will not get a better destination than the Maple Leaf Country. Immigration to Manitoba Canada is very easy with the PNP.

To make the most offered in Canada, you need to apply and get the nation’s Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). It will give you the freedom to settle in the hot-spot indefinitely, and enjoy all the rights and benefits enjoyed by the nation’s citizens.

Immigration to Manitoba Canada

You can look forward to getting a PRV in Canada using the nation’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) route. Talking of the PNP path, Manitoba will be a good option even as you can use the Manitoba PNP.

Perhaps, you will be surprised to know that Manitoba was the first Canadian province to introduce the Provincial Nominee Program.

Situated between the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan & Ontario, Manitoba is, in numerous manners, the entry to the Western Canada. As per a report, every year, the province draws nearly 15,000 immigrants.

Coming back to the scheme, the MPNP is the region’s extensively used Provincial Nominee Programme. Via the same, the forthcoming immigrants, with the relevant expertise and experience duly targeted by the province, could hope to get a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate, even as it improves the pace of the general immigration course.

The province’s powerful economy requires a large number of skilled workers, trades people, and various professionals. As per an estimate, by the end of 2020, the province will require roughly 20,000 trained employees.

If you wish to call Manitoba your home, then you have some very good visa options to choose from.

Like many other Canadian provinces, Manitoba, too, has joined Express Entry league and using the stream applicants can easily apply for the Province’s Permanent Residency. But, if you wish, you can submit an application under any of the streams up-for-grabs under the Non Express Entry Category as well. The choice is yours.

Express Entry for Immigration to Manitoba

Manitoba runs an Express Entry steam, and it synchronizes with the immigration selection structure of the Canadian Federal Express Entry. The applicants–who get nomination via the Manitoba Express Entry stream–will obtain an extra 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). And, they will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for the valued Permanent Residence (PR) with the following draw of invitations given by the Express Entry Pool, by the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Since the early 2015, applicants interested in applying for the MPNP are submitting their application through online means. As a result, the chances of success are high even why this is the main reason why the processing time, as mentioned before, is just six months.

If you are eager to move to the province, then here is your chance, and you should grab it fast before the Government of Manitoba makes any changes to it and you are caught on the wrong foot.

As you know, Express Entry is an electronic system. Under it, you are required to create an online profile with an Expression of Interest (EOI). The potential applicants will be placed in the Express Entry pool, and will be evaluated as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), with an opportunity to present themselves as a potential applicant by scoring points out of 1200 up-for-grabs.

The major plus point is if you are picked by an employer or the Manitoba Government, you are straight away credited 600 even while your success rates doubles and immigration to your dream destination becomes extremely smooth. At the same time, you must also be able to prove that you have knowledge of either English or French by submitting a language score, as the knowledge of language is very crucial to climb the ladder of success.

Since the province is presently facing a severe shortage of skilled workers–if you have an experience of five years in an occupation currently in demand in Manitoba–then you have already secured a seat for yourself.

As mentioned before, Immigration to Manitoba Canada is possible through several other immigration programs as well, but by looking at the present scenario, Express Entry looks just perfect. Go for the kill!


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