Immigration to Canada–Decoding the Process

Immigration to Canada–Decoding the Process

Immigration is a fairly difficult task, and it requires lots of preparations. However, it has not deterred the footloose and the ambitious people from exploring new territories tucked far away, across the various parts of the world. Canada–also known as the Maple Leaf Country the world over–is one of the most appealing immigration destinations, especially for the overseas immigration motivated people from Asia.  Every year, a large number of people from this part of the world immigration to Canada from some specific countries with the nations of Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, and India leading the list.

If you too aspire to immigrate to the ‘immigrant’s paradise’, you could perhaps be in a very uncertain situation whether you will be able to clear the country’s selection process and make the cut. It’s a fact that contrary to the popular opinion, most applicants have become more uncertain now. Post the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) switched to the point based immigration system in the early 2015 there has been a great deal of chaos and uncertainty.

Some of the new terms and conditions, such as Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), Express Entry Draw and Express of Interest (EOI) have placed many applicants in the realm of uncertainty and confusion.

But, relax, no need to lose your sleep! Immigration to Canada will become an easy cakewalk if you abide by the following stepwise process. You will certainly not be uncertain about the country’s immigration system. Check these important key steps for smooth immigration process to your dream destination!

Immigration to Canada Process:

Firstly, be sure how you want to proceed!

The first major step is to decide how you want to proceed, i.e., whether you want to pitch the immigration process through the help of a Canada immigration consultant or you are sure of applying on your own.

Since the process is completely electronic, if you are 100% confident and fully aware of the country’s immigration process, guidelines, and requirements, then frankly speaking, there is no harm whatsoever in applying on your own, or else you can take the second option.

Check with those who have already moved to the destination. Find out how they could crack the Canada immigration code. What was their modus operandi? Did they seek and get professional help from the experts in the business?

Arrange all the required documents well in advance!

If you are applying using the professional services of a reliable immigration consultant, then the task becomes really easy for you. In a highly proper and professional manner, you are explained the documents requirement and help in preparing the file, or else you can make a list of all the required documents and proofs, and file them neatly alphabetically.

Apply online using Express Entry!

Lately, Express Entry has become the most reliable and popular immigration system to move to the country. As per some observes on the subject, now applicants get a fair opportunity to compete against others through a point based system where they are awarded points on the basis of the various factors, such as education, experience, qualification, language proficiency, age, prior job offer, etc. Using the stream, you can submit an application under various economic immigration programs up-for-grabs, including certain parts of the PNP.

Once you have received an Invitation to apply (ITA) submit a visa application!

From the Express Entry Pool, the potential applicants are selected through frequent draws conducted by the IRCC. If your name is picked you, will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and get maximum 60 days to claim the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) in the widely visited overseas hotspot.

In the last decade, immigration to Canada has become something to look forward to for many even as it is expected that the year 2017 will be no different; in fact, it will be more promising than ever. Moreover, it is expected that the country’s immigration system will undergo significant changes which will again leave a rather positive impact on the country’s immigrants and on the country’s economy as well.


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