Want To Learn How To Get Canadian Citizenship?

Want To Learn How To Get Canadian Citizenship?

Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country the world over, is known to promise a lot of possibilities to happen in real time for the immigrants, like living standards, business opportunities, economies of scale & stable government. On account of all of that almost everyone nowadays wants to know How To Get Canadian Citizenship.

It is not tough at all under the guidance of the expert visa advisors to find a way out. However, before you take a step ahead and consult with the immigration agency, here are a few key takeaways on the ways to get Canadian citizenship!

How To Get Canadian Citizenship

By Sponsorship

On top of the list is sponsorship. If you have someone closely related to you, by close relation, it is meant blood relations, nothing like it. In such a case, the person who has already been given the Canadian citizenship can sponsor you to move to the popular destination. However, it is mandatory for the person to declare that he can take care of the expenses that would be required to keep you in the nation.

By Marriage

This is so far the easiest and best way to get the Canadian citizenship. As an immigrant, if you marry any Canadian citizen, you can easily get the Canadian citizenship. But, if you have taken the route to citizenship by the institution of marriage, it is necessary to comply with all the guidelines.

There will be regular visit by the IRCC officials to assess the applicant’s status and veracity of the application. It is no secret that this option is also one of the most abused ones. There is no dearth of those who abuse the generous visa policies of the Maple Leaf Country to become its citizen using this option by presenting false marriage certificates. This is wrong and it should be strictly avoided.

By Business & Investment

You can either set up a new business in the overseas hotspot or you can undertake investments in the Canadian Bond Programme. In this way, it is extremely doable to get the much sought after Canadian Citizenship.

By Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP)

In specific Canadian provinces, you can move for the purpose of getting the Canadian citizenship. By setting up a farm in those provinces, you can obtain the PR status and follow that by even the prized citizenship status.

If you want to figure out How To Get Canadian Citizenship, these are a few ways to be considered. For more details, consult with a trustworthy and well-known immigration consultancy dealing with the Canadian citizenship issues.


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