Express Entry System for Migration to Canada–A Cursory Look

Express Entry System for Migration to Canada–A Cursory Look

Under the Express Entry System for Migration to Canada applicants express their interest in moving to this famous hotspot. Applicants have to provide their details that are fed to the database. Employers who are looking for the foreign skilled workers use the data from the database and in the process the selection of candidates becomes easier and faster.

Canada Express Entry allows the nation to engage, evaluate as well as select the skilled immigrants under several ‘federal immigration programmes’ (economic), and these are the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades programme and the Canadian Experience Class.

Express Entry is totally an electronic process that involves ‘federal and provincial’ governments, as well as the Canadian employers.

Why Express Entry is Important?

The main intention of the Express Entry is to choose the migrants who exhibit certain features like language, recognized credentials as well as the specific skills-sets which are beneficial for the settlement and consolidation of the latest migrants, in order to contribute effectively to the Canada’s Economy. Under the system, most applications are processed within the duration of six months.

How Does Express Entry System Work?

It finds the qualified applicants across different occupations. Further, it invites them to submit their profile to the ‘Express Entry Pool’ as well as ‘Canada Job Bank’. The employers across Canada review the Canada Job Bank and offer an ‘Offer Letter’ to the candidates of their choice.

The applicants who have an approved job, as well as those chosen by a province (state), or with the ‘Provincial Nomination’ (State Nomination), are considered as a tally or a ‘match’ and thus invitation is sent to them to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence.

The remaining applicants’ profiles are usually ranked for the consideration with no need for a ‘sponsor’ or ‘employer’. The application process goes on, with the help of point system, as per the number of selection factors such as Age, Education, as well as Language, Experience and other factors. While the highest ranked candidates are considered for their potential ‘human capital’ that is contribution to Canada.

Immigration authorities later decide which applicants (the highest ranked) are to be invited to apply for the permanent residence, through the periodic draws.

Reviewing the Requirements

When you approach any concerned authorities, you will be asked to provide all the essential documents such as marital status (married or unmarried) with or without children. You will also be asked to provide details about your qualification and experience. The languages spoken in the Maple Leaf Country are basically English and French. So, the candidates who can speak any of these languages will get higher score. These are the few aspects that follow during the issue of Visa for Canada.


Express Entry system for migration to Canada is a complete electronic system that assists the aspirants from across the world to move to Canada swiftly and with ease. Immigration can be temporary or permanent–it all depends upon the eligibility of the applicants.


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