Top Five Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

Top Five Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

Canada is one of the most popular and most appealing overseas destinations for immigration. As per an estimate, every year, roughly new 300,000 immigrants land in the overseas hotspot. The maximum number of the immigrants, who have settled in the country, reportedly claim that Canada is the best place to reside and do a job in the world, and that they would never go back to their home nations.

Top 5 Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

These are the 5 Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada!

Tie the know with a Canadian-born citizen

As per some observers, it is one of the Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada. Somewhat bizarre though it could appear, it’s a valid manner you may move to the hotspot with ease and get PR there in. If you manage to tie the knot with a person born in Canada or a person having Canada PR status, you at once will become entitled to submit an application for the prized Canada PR.

Apply for International Experience Canada

In case you are between 18 and 35 years old, the IEC could be your corridor to the hotspot. When you get the IEC Visa, an Open Work Permit comes to you, and it denotes that with the IEC you require no employment offers as one needs with the Work Permit. Unfortunately, this option isn’t accessible for the residents of all the nations across the globe.

(Live-in Caregiver)

Individuals of the Au-pair career, which is regarded as a low-qualified career and job, may move to the destination with ease. With a view to shift to the hotspot and do a job as a live-in caregiver there in for a Canadian family, you will require an employment offer from a particular Canadian family or a work from an Au-pair agency from the Maple Leaf Country.

Post your arrival in the Maple Leaf Country, where you will do a job as Live-in caregiver, you will receive the Permanent Residence standing.

Work Permit with Employment Offer

For the candidates with in-demand skills this option could be one of the most important of the different Easy Ways available to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

In case you fulfill the different terms & conditions, locate a Canadian recruiter, and figure in case he may offer you an employment offer over the Canadian-born individuals qualified in the similar line-of-work as you this option is for you. With the Work Permit, you have very high chances of receiving the cherished PR status in the nation.

Student Permit

It’s another one of the Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada though Student Permit won’t fetch you PR status automatically. You will have to be patient and walk on the PR path with determination to become a permanent resident one day.


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