Check Top Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

Check Top Easy Ways to Get Permanent Visa for Canada

Do you know that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the governing body regulating the immigration for the country, has made its stance stringent on immigration? But Easy Way to Get a Permanent Visa for Canada is not too far away.

The Maple Leaf Country, also known as Canada in layman term, is one of the most sought after travel destinations for many of the immigrants. Most of the immigrants have been trying the hardest to make it to Canada on a PR Visa. The Permanent Resident Visa is an excellent choice as compared to a travel or study visa as it allows the immigrants to live permanently in the overseas hotspot.

When you hire a professional immigration agent, he/she can help you figure out an easy way to get a Permanent Visa for Canada, but here are few of the options that you can avail even without hiring a professional.

Study Visa

The Maple Leaf Country has top educational institutions with top colleges always ready to serve the bright minds. But after the completion of their courses, the Canadian Government is not ready to release the foreign students easily. Well, they do not practice force but smart tricks. With an attractive job offer complemented by the PR status, it is hard for the students to overlook the benefits. With such offer, Ottawa is always inclined towards retaining the cream which they have created by their continuous rigorous efforts.

Skilled Visa

The dearth of trained workers as well as semi-skilled workers has brought the economy on its knees. But such scarcity has been rightfully fixed by the IRCC by offering the PR status to the immigrants who are moving under SOL category. The Skilled Occupation List or SOL summarizes the ailing sectors in need of qualified manpower. The presence of a workforce that can easily serve the purpose can be a good sign for the economy: socially and economically.

So, trained labor force is welcomed in the nation and they can also get PR status. But at the same time, even the semi-skilled ones are welcomed when jobs like drivers, carpenters and plumbers are facing huge shortage of labor. During such times, with the help of skilled visa, it is easier and simpler to get the PR status.

Sponsored Visa

Family reunion can also help you get the prized PR status. If you have any close relative residing in the nation who is willing to sponsor you, in that case, it will not be tough to get the PR Visa to Canada.

Spouse Visa

You can also get the Canadian citizenship by the institution of marriage. By marrying a Canadian resident, you can easily get the way to move under the Permanent Visa to the hotspot.

Easy ways to get a PR Visa for Canada will not be a dream as long as you have kept in mind the following ways.


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