Canadian Permanent Residency Application–What Documents You Need To Produce?

Canadian Permanent Residency Application–What Documents You Need To Produce?

Guide For Canadian Permanent Residency application- Canada, the name at once conjures up the image of a very cold but highly developed country where everything is the best–right from educational institutions to healthcare facilities, from wages to infrastructure.

No wonder, the nation enjoys extensive popularity and acceptance even as the candidates, cutting across different nationalists and economic groups, wish to move to it and live there in enjoying the finest that the world has to offer.

Many aspirants do everything possible to become its permanent residents after moving in and citizens later on. But what is Permanent Residency (PR) and who is a PR holder?

A PR holder is basically the person who is not a citizen, but has attained the prized PR status after migration to the overseas hotspot. A person, who has crossed the borders of the Maple Leaf Country, for study or working temporarily there in, is a permanent resident. All the migrants who have moved to the nation on a permanent basis are given a Permanent Resident Card (PRC) even while they need to show it when they re-enter the country.

The process of grabbing the much sought after PR Card starts right with the filling of an online application. While filling the Canadian Permanent Residency application, a person needs to furnish:

  • Proof that he has enough funds to sustain living in Canada.
  • Originals and copies of all necessary documents, including police verification, health certificate, diploma, degrees, certificates, and personal identification documents.
  • Language ability test scores.
  • Skill assessment test result.
  • Application and additional fees.
  • Other necessary documents based upon the particular category of the visa applied for.

After the submission of the Canadian permanent residency application, the applicant is judged upon the basis of his details, and his ability to adjust to the country. Canada immigration is fully backed by its famed point based system. According to it, an applicant is allotted some points based upon his age, education, line-of-work, experience, language skills, and adaptability.

He manages to seize points under this mentioned category. His passing marks for migration stands at 60 points. The points obtained above the benchmark provide him with the scope of immigration to the Maple Leaf Country.

The aspiring migrants have several easy-to-follow gateways wide open for entry to the wonderful overseas hotspot. He can submit application under any of the following visa and immigration categories on the basis of his skills and credentials, and of course, goals.

  1. Skilled Immigrant Programme (Express Entry)
  2. Start Up Visa
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)
  4. Self-employed Persons Programme
  5. Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)
  6. Sponsorship Programme

Though application for all gateways is more or less similar with the exception of a few points, a person needs to arrange for different and special documents for the different visa categories up-for-grabs, while applying for a specific state or province.

For instance, while applying for the Quebec province, he needs to seek sponsorship from that specific province, and submit other relevant and needful documents that are mentioned in the application. Plus, no matter whatever pathway the candidate opts for, he needs to submit a police verification certificate and a certificate of sound health for easy and hassle-free immigration to the Maple Leaf Country.

Canadian permanent residency application through Express Entry fosters swift entry to the country. The immigration system that started just a year back in January 2015 offers a fairly promising future to the wishful migrants. The qualified and talented migrants are needed in the country. So the vacant job openings, to which no citizen is found appropriate, are filled through this swift entry process.

The process is purely based upon the assessment of the skills and the points system. The more points elevate the chances of immigration. The arrangement of match making policy sow seeds of hope to the skilled migrants who dream to live and make their life in the country. Undoubtedly, different documents for different province or states stand there too.


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