Canada Express Entry–A Quick Recap

Canada Express Entry–A Quick Recap

Canada Express Entry is basically a programme run by the IRCC and under it applications are sent to it for Permanent Residency under these key schemes, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class.

There is also a provision under which different Canadian provinces as well as territories recruit manpower from an Express Entry gateway under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) and it is focused on the specific needs of meeting the local human resource gap.

The procedure of application under Canada Express Entry is classified into two steps as follows-

  1. Through creation of Express Entry Profile.

The Express Entry Profile form requires;

  • Educational Qualification
  • Skill Sets
  • Linguistic Skills
  • Working Experience
  • Other details

The entire process of Canada Express Entry is online, free and absolutely safe and secure.

Post creating your own profile and initiating the process, you get 60 days for the completion of your Express Entry Profile.

Upon receiving of the application form you will be confirmed if you qualify the criteria needed for Express Entry. If you meet the eligibility ground for Express Entry, you will be included into the pool of the accepted candidates.

Unlike before it is your free will to create or not to create an account with Job Bank. Of late, it has become entirely optional.

Although the benefit of creating Job Match Account is more of preparedness one can do before landing in Canada as it not only saves your time, you can initiate the employment process much before you land into the country. The same search can be done as you migrate to Canada through the Express Entry.

It is very convenient and a hassle free process to create an account on Job Bank, with complete assistance available on the concerned site. There are various methods through which you can promote yourself to the Employers by being an active participant on the job board, also staying connected with the recruiters through the job landing pages.

The job validity on Express Entry is subject to LMIA, although there are a few exceptions as stated under:

  • Becoming a pool member doesn’t imply your application as final for Permanent Residency.
  • All the eligibility as well as permissions is subject to requirements of Canada’s Immigration Law.
  • To be able to get in to the pool of candidates, it is imperative to be among the highest ranking scorers, upon invitation one can apply for PR.

Upon Invitation, based on applicants’ Highest Ranking Score, which makes them eligible to apply for Permanent Residence

Ranking for the Express Entry is based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on points earned as scores. The scores are given on the basis of these criteria:

  • Skill Sets
  • Educational Milestones
  • Work Tenure and Experience
  • Other factors

Further points can be earned through certifications, diplomas and additional skills, acknowledgement and awards from Province and Territories.

Other important factors, like linguistic abilities, job offers or holding Canadian Diploma, Degree or certifications also contribute to building up your final score.

A time frame of six months is taken for processing documentation post application for Express Entry, and a period of 90 days for the submission of the online Permanent Residence application.

A selected application, based on high scores, stays in the Canada Express Entry Pool for the next 12 months and post lapse of 12 months it is open for re-application.


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