Know How to Use Canada Visitor Visa Application Form

Know How to Use Canada Visitor Visa Application Form

Canada Visitor Visa is an excellent visa to move to the country for a short period. While the visa formalities are not too many the processing time taken is also not too high. You can use the Canada Visitor Visa Application Form of Canada to get a Visitor Visa to the nation. As mentioned before, it is simple & quick to apply.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC), the regulating body for immigration to the nation, gives due importance to the Visitor Visa for economic benefits. As Visitor Visa can pump in money in the economy of the nation, it is always a preferred choice for the IRCC.

To explore the Maple Leaf Country might be the best thing that you can possibly do this fall season. With the autumn breaking good in the overseas hotspot, you can embrace picturesque sight and the sojourn that you would take to the nation will completely overwhelm you with passion and energy.

Coming back to the Visitor Visa, you can use the Canada Visitor Visa Application Form online or can file a petition even through the offline mode.

If you are planning for the Maple Leaf Country this winter, here’s how you should present a petition for Visitor Visa and move for your wonderful holiday term.

Visitor Visa Application Form–How to Use?

Provision has been made for both: online and offline applications. If you are going for the former, you should have access to scanner. For the purpose of the application, it is a prerequisite to upload the relevant documents at the time of the application.

For the Canada Visitor Visa Application Form to be processed successfully by the IRCC, you need to give an evidence of the proof of funds. This proof will be mandatory and it will stand as a proof that you can support your stay in the country.

At the same time, you need to give a declaration that the visit is temporary even as you have property, family, business or job to return to your home country. A valid passport and all other documents must be duly filled in and submitted through the electronic medium.  This is how you should proceed in case you are applying for the Electronic Travel Visa.

On the contrary, if you want to apply through hard copy Tourist Visa, you should download the form from the website of the IRCC or Express Entry. Fill in the details, attach the documents and pay in the application fee at the nearest Canadian consulate.

You can choose any medium for the Visitor Visa. As per the visa guidelines, you can stay in Canada using the Visitor Visa for a period of 6 months at maximum.


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