Express Entry Ignites Canada Skilled Immigration

Express Entry Ignites Canada Skilled Immigration

Recently Canada’s new Prime Minister John McCallum made an announcement that the majority of the Canadians wish to boost the total number of immigrants allowed to enter the country. It is expected that the new liberal government will announce its fresh target before 2016 ends. The country really respects skilled workers, and considers them as national assets and so no stone is left unturned to draw the most qualified, trained and experienced trained employees from every corner of the world. Considering the importance of such workers, for the country’s economic needs, the liberal government has proposed few major changes. These, if implemented, would see the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) revamping the Canada skilled immigration system.

Proposed Changes

  1. The applications accepted under the parents’ and grandparents’ sponsorship must be doubled from 5,000 to 10,000 visas every year.
  2. To clear the backlog and reduce the processing time, the annual budget, to process the family class visa, must be doubled.
  • Under the Express Entry category, some extra points must be credited to those applicants who have siblings in the country.
  1. Labor market assessment fee of $1000 must be eliminated for those families seeking trained Caregivers to look after the family members with mental or physical disability.
  2. Refugees or asylum seekers must be able to access free healthcare facilities.
  3. Permanent Residency (PR) must be given to international students.
  • The maximum age of the dependents must be increased from 19 to 22. This way, immigrants can easily bring along their children to the country.

Canada Skilled Immigration

The Maple Leaf Country requires a large number of skilled workers. Majority of the Canada skilled immigration takes place through the economic programme, Express Entry. It was introduced by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to attract qualified manpower which has the capability to boost the country’s economy. Besides, a significant number of skilled employees are also coming to the country through other skilled workers programmes, such as Canada Skilled Worker Programme and certain Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNP).

Those skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada using the country’s primary immigration programme, Express Entry, must not get dishearted. The new immigration minister’s latest comment on increasing the number of skilled employees, in order to solve the country’s labor shortage, has given new hope to the prevailing and future applicants of Express Entry.

It is expected that the system will select more applicants in future and the CRS score will subsequently go down. Additionally, the new liberal government is committed to review Canada immigration system and make some changes, wherever needed. These improvements are uncertain and may be implemented any time of the year.

Skilled immigrants, who wish to immigrate to the country, must work on their human capital as they play an important role in getting the applicant select. Proficiency in the French language is an added advantage as the aspirants with this language skill are treated on an immediate basis, and chances are that their visa application will be fast processed.


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