Canada Provincial Nomination – Express Entry Immigration

Canada Provincial Nomination – Express Entry Immigration

Express Entry is a revolutionary scheme in several ways as it has enabled the Canadian authorities to integrate multiple skilled immigration programs under one platform and offer an entry passage to the interested immigrants through a single window.

Prior to Express Entry, all general skilled migration programs of the Maple leaf country operated individually, i.e. the federal government ran its skills migration schemes on its own and various Canadian provinces and territories managed their state centric skilled migration schemes in close coordination with federal government and CIC. These schemes were designed, planned, controlled and maneuvered by the authorities of the specific states. Each of these PNPs has its own skilled occupation list which decides and influences the premise of the state based initiatives.

Some salient features of Provincial Nomination Programs

The state based initiatives have always been considered as viable alternatives to the federal skilled programs and better options that the employment based schemes due to listed reasons:

  • All of these programs offer permanent entry to the people without needing them to obtain an employment offer like federal schemes, and
  • These schemes are not connected to any specific employment, and
  • Once inside the province, the immigrants can look for a job and change it as per their convenience, and
  • The applications in PNP are given priority processing

Integration of PNPs in Express Entry

Now with the EE in place, the provinces are able to select applicants willing to settle down in the specific province. The state governments can now access the Express Entry pool and determine the applicants eager to shift to the state in question, and issue them nomination endorsements. It is however, necessary for the applicants to qualify for either of the three federal schemes also, namely; the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP); the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP); and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), since the profiles would only lodged in the EE pool if the profiles of probable candidates score minimum required marks in the dual test system. The participating provinces may choose between 500 to 1000 immigrants for nomination every year.

Crucial Extra Marks

Obtaining provincial nomination for a profile in Express Entry can fetch the applicants an extra 600 marks which can prove crucial as these marks can significantly enhance the possibilities of receiving an ITA for final round of selection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Priority Processing

After the receipt of the nomination endorsement from sponsoring province, you must receive an invitation to file for permanent visa (ITA) through the Express Entry channel. On receipt of the ITA, the applicants must respond within 60 days by furnishing authenticated physical copies of claims made originally in the profiles. The final completed submission of the application for the permanent residence visa is succeeded by priority process of requests, and decisions are delivered within 6 months, sometimes even earlier than that.

Directions for Separate Filing through individual PNP

The participating provinces select immigrants independently also, and the authorities may also direct an applicant to file a separate request through the state’s own PNP scheme. In this case, the annual numerical limitations imposed by state governments for selection through Express Entry do not come into play as the candidates are selected on basis of the ‘Priority Occupations’ that accentuate local demands for specific trades.

Manitoba provincial nomination for skilled professionals

in the current edition of Express Entry, Manitoba is expected to nominate 500 applicants who fulfill the basic requirements at federal level, i.e. qualify for either of the 3 federal skilled immigration schemes.

Saskatchewan provincial nomination for skilled professionals SINP

The SINP has established an ‘Express Entry Sub-class’ to intake requests for nominations from interested applicants who have already placed their profiles on CIC sponsored Express Entry platform and have indicated Saskatchewan as a probable area where they would like to enter and settle down permanently. The annual number cap for applications for nomination through Express Entry has been pitched at 1000.

Other programs under SINP include
Global Trained Workers
Global Trained Workers with an Employment Offer – yearly numbers cap is 5,000
Other applications intake under SINP in 2015 annual limit is 5,000.
Global Trained Workers -Trades – In – Demand yearly numbers cap is 500.

Nova Scotia provincial nomination for skilled professionals Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has also announced its participation in the Express Entry program, and it is expected that this year the authorities of this state would probably select about 350 applicants for nominations. To assess and select the probable candidates for sponsorship, the state intends to make use of the federal skilled immigration statutes. In the due process of rationalizing its local skills migration scheme, the state authorities have shelved the state specific regional initiative ‘Regional Labor Demand Class’, and replaced it with Express Entry class.


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