Canada PR Visa—Know the Pathways

Canada PR Visa—Know the Pathways

Everyone knows that Canada is a country of rising opportunities. It is a popular immigration destination and qualified foreign applicants easily find opportunities there in depending on their skills and experience. The overseas hot-spot provides rewarding opportunities especially to those who wish to live and work in the country permanently through its permanent visa. This visa allows the applicants to live and work in the country indefinitely. However, they are not regarded as Canadian citizenship. Canada PR Visa is what the most number of migrants want to lay their hand son. The nation’s thriving economy, high standard of living, modern lifestyle, and better opportunities lure them all.

At present, there are two popular types of Canada PR Visa paths, i.e., Express Entry and Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Both programs are popular in their own way, with certain limitations and restrictions. Let’s talk in detail about the two!

Express Entry: Introduced in 2015, it is the popular online immigration system. Under the same, a large number of visa applications are submitted online, and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) selects skilled workers as per the economic demand of the country. The chosen candidates live and work anywhere in the country, except Quebec.

The aspirants who wish to apply need to create an online profile and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Aspirants are selected on the basis of various factors, such as age, adaptability, education, experience and skills. Thereafter, they are picked-up through draw even as the selected applicants are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Express Entry–Advantages Enjoyed by Applicants

  • It is the most organized and transparent immigration system; no room for red tapism.
  • It is the fastest immigration system ever introduced in the history of the Canada immigration. The processing time is six months.
  • The system has been introduced by the federal government which means applicants directly get a Canadian PR Visa.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program: It allows the aspirants to live and work in Quebec only. The program is completely independent and has no interference from the IRCC. The Quebec Government selects certain number of applicants on the basis of their skills and education with the capability to immediately contribute towards the province’s economy. To apply, applicants are required to register themselves with the ‘Mon Projet Quebec’ online system.

The QSWP is a point based system and almost similar of Express Entry. Eligible applicants are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which means an applicant is eligible to apply for PR visa with the federal government.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program–Advantages Enjoyed by Applicants

  • You are not required a prior job offer
  • Few points are given for area of training
  • QSWP is based on first come, first serve norm
  • Although it’s not mandatory to be fluent in French, a fair knowledge of the same is an added advantage and doubles your selection possibility.

If you are eager to apply for Canada PR Visa, you may consult a Canada Immigration consultant, who in turn, will simplify the immigration process for you.


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