Figuring Canada PR Points | Skilled Worker Points Calculator

Figuring Canada PR Points | Skilled Worker Points Calculator

Are you interested in getting Canada Business Visa or Canada Investor Visa and move to the popular hotspot with a PR Visa? You know what–you may not only successfully get a PR Visa but also be entitled for Canada Citizenship by Investment path. Yes, after moving to the destination permanently you may, after the mandatory period and fulfilling the necessary requirements, successfully apply for the prized Canadian citizenship!

But before you manage to do that, you will have to crack the Express Entry Code and get the required Canada PR Points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

You know what–the IRCC plans to admit as many as 1,000,000 immigrants into the country by 2020 even as roughly 565,000 of these will be done using the Express Entry Programme option. Hence, skilled candidates, keen to move to the nation inside the coming few years, would do to apply without waiting any longer.

Canada PR Points is a fickle number that undergoes changes at nearly draw for Express Entry. Still, over the course of 2018, the average Canada PR Points under CRS has stuck. In case you are hunting for the perfect time to submit an application for PR in the nation, then this is the best time.

The Express Entry Programme has been tailored to choose the finest and the most suitable candidates. Perhaps this is the reason why the first appraisal is made via an electronic system which admits candidate profile and gives them a rank on the basis of many factors such as:

  1. Age
  2. Language Skills
  3. Educational Qualification
  4. Job Experience
  5. Arranged Employment in Canada
  6. Adaptability

Each of the said factors combined together decide if a person has the eligibility for receiving Canada PR. One requires getting not less than 67 points out of 100 points to make the cut for immigration.

Points break-up under each of the parameters

  1. Age (maximum 12 points)18-35
  2. Language Skills
  3. First official language (Not more than 24 points)
  4. Second official language (Not more than 4 points)
  5. Education (Not more than 25 Canada PR Points)

University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal

  1. Job (Not more than 15 points)6 or more years 15
  2. Arranged Employment (Not more than 10 points): To get 10 points in the class you require having a legitimate employment offer for permanent job for not less than 1 year. Apart from this, your profession must be listed as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the NOC.
  3. Adaptability (Not more than 10 Canada PR Points)

In case you have plans to move to the hotspot along with your spouse or partner you may obtain a maximum of 10 Canada PR Points for the same. As with your petition as the main aspirant, your partner will also be judged on the parameters of age, language skills, education and job experience. You are also entitled to more points in case you already have a blood relative staying in the hotspot.


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