Canada PR Points Allocation Structure & Apply For Canada PR!

Canada PR Points Allocation Structure & Apply For Canada PR!

Canada PR Points Based Visa

Immigration to Canada depends on a candidate’s total score in the point based system. The system determines the eligibility of the aspirants who wish to move to the country and enjoy the benefits of a developed country. An aspirant is assessed on 6 factors and based upon these he is assigned few points. These points help him successfully Apply for Canada PR (Permanent Residence). And, 67 points out of 100 is the score that a person needs to obtain during assessment and with this score he can easily migrate to the hotspot.

Canada PR Points Allocation Structure

A candidate is tested on the following grounds:

  • Language Proficiency–This is for English or French or for both languages. These two languages are popular in the country and an aspiring aspirant can score maximum 28 points when he applies for PR. These 28 points are assigned on the basis of ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Educational Qualifications–25 points are the maximum marks that an applicant can score under this category. A person who possesses a PhD level Degree or an equivalent qualification gets 25 points. Master Degree from a licensed provincial regulatory body helps him score 23 points. Educational qualification lower than this benchmark reduces the scoring of the aspirant.
  • Work Experience–The number of years that a person has spent in his profession add on to his total scoring. A maximum score of 15 points is what an applicant scores in this category. One year of work experience gets him 9 points, whereas 2-3 years’ experience 11 points. If a person has employment experience of 4-5 years then his score rises to 13 points and 15 points for 6 or more years of work experience.
  • Age–Points under this cap is based upon the age at the time when the visa authority gets applicant’s application. Under this section, a minor (Below 18 years) gets 0 score. A person in the age bracket of 18-35 scores the highest, i.e., 12 points. Above this age, the scoring points start going down.
  • Job offer from Canadian Employer–If a person manages to get a full time job offer from a Canadian employer, then he gets extra 10 points with the requirement of full time permanent job and his skill should be listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • Adaptability–A hopeful migrant’s partner can also add on to the total scoring under this point based system. The maximum points are 10. The scoring of the CLB 4 level stands mandatory in this case. To get these points, he should have passed a test from the concerned authority.

An aspiring migrant, who has managed to collect 67 points, when assessed on these 6 grids, can successfully apply for Canada PR, and enjoy the benefits that are enjoyed by the Permanent Residency in the Canada.


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