Canada Permanent Resident Visa–At A Glance Some Top Benefits

Canada Permanent Resident Visa–At A Glance Some Top Benefits

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provides Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) to those who are not the Canadian nationals but are eager to live and work in the country indefinitely, especially those who wish to settle here with their family.

As per some reports, every year, approximately 200,000 people immigrate to the country. In the life of an immigrant, immigrating to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ is a vital step as it provides them with an opportunity to grow economically and achieve their goal.

The Maple Leaf Country is a big country with low population, and is presently facing the serious problem of an increase in its old age population. As a result, it is facing a scarcity of skilled workers across many Canadian sectors. To meet the demand of its labor market, Ottawa is keen to draw professionals and students through its various programs.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

It allows the migrants to live and work in the country till the time they like. The IRCC selects applicants on as per the set criteria, and gives them the liberty to enter the country with the PR Visa with the restriction to live in the country for at least three years, or else their PR Visa can be taken away.

PR Visa Benefits

  • Complete freedom to live and work anywhere in the country if you have not immigrated using the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
  • You may bring along your family, i.e., spouse/partner or under age children.
  • May sponsor close relatives or family.
  • Access to healthcare facilities and subsidized education.
  • Other social benefits, like maternity leaves.
  • Freedom to travel anywhere in the country, and if the PR visa holder wishes, he may pursue higher studies.
  • You may apply for Canadian passport and Citizenship once you have lived and worked for at least three years, and fully abided by the Canadian laws.
  • You may travel abroad any number of times, you are not required to obtain additional visa for the country with which Canada shares bilateral relations.

If you are attracted by the country’s features and believes that your future looks promising there, then you must not waste a moment more and apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

There are numerous immigration programs through which you can easily acquire PR Visa, such as Express Entry, business/entrepreneur class, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), etc.

Each category has different proceeding; it may vary from program to program. Applicants must first understand the complete proceeding and then follow the steps carefully. If your application is rejected under the program, it will become quite difficult to process your visa application under some other immigration program or re-apply.

Thus, to improve your chances and reduce the possibilities of rejection, consult a Canada immigration consultant. PR Visa is a dream of a large number of aspirants but not everyone gets it.


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