Canada Immigration Rules Now More Migrant Friendly

Canada Immigration Rules Now More Migrant Friendly

The year 2016 has been promising for those who have been thinking of Canada Immigration for long. Since the liberal government came into power the immigration rules to the country have become much lenient.

Prime Minister Trudeau fulfilled his campaign promise, and made immigration policies more immigrant-friendly. The country is already popular among immigrants, and is famous as an immigrant-friendly destination although the ex prime minister had taken some strict decisions against the immigrants.

Under the new arrangements, certain new immigration rules have been implemented.

To make immigration to the country relatively easy, the new government has made certain amendments and they are as follow:

  1. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has been renamed as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  2. The number of applications accepted under Parent and Grandparent program (PGP) has been doubled from 5000 to 10000 annually.
  • The new federal government has made the citizenship rules easier for international students in the country. The Trudeau government has revoked the changes made during the Harper’s Government under the C-24 bill. The announced changes are as follow: – the new legislation counts the 50% of the time spent in the country while studying or working as physical residency period required applying for Canadian citizenship, and the physical residency period required to apply for Canadian Citizenship has been reduced from 4 to 3 years.

Some of the proposed changes in Canada Immigration are as follow:

  1. The new liberal government has proposed that the age group for language proficiency, i.e., English or French should be increased from 18 – 54 to 14 -64.
  2. The dependent age must be reinstated from 19 years to 22 years, making it much easier for the parents to bring along their children to the country.
  1. In order to reduce the waiting period for family immigration, the annual budget, to handle the applications, must be doubled.
  2. The government has decided to skirt the waiting period of 2 years for the spouses of the sponsored applicants.

The months ahead will be crucial and it is expected that the new liberal government of Prime Minister Trudeau will made the proposed changes well before the year ends.

The above changes prove that the new liberal government is committed to deliver what it promised during the election campaign. The announced relaxation will surely increase the graph of immigrants coming to the country.

Plus, during the last year the IRCC failed to meet the annual target. It is expected that the year 2016 will be promising.

What should prospective immigrants do?

Half of the year has already passed. The future immigrants must prepare to process their visa application. To present yourself as a strong contender, get in touch with a Canada immigration consultant. Choose the right visa category, and prepare your file in the best possible way.


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