Canada Federal Skilled Worker – Express Entry 2015 Immigration

Canada Federal Skilled Worker – Express Entry 2015 Immigration

Advent of January 2015 marked a great change in the Canadian skilled immigration policy as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced commencement of a fresh initiative, the Express Entry, to enable rapid selection of the foreign skilled personnel; eager to enter and settle down permanently in the Maple leaf country; take up positions in trades facing shortage of sufficiently trained workers; and contribute to the productivity of the domestic economy.

Although inspired by contemporary skilled migration schemes of Australia and New Zealand, ‘Express Entry’ is unique in its approach. Apart from being an electronic platform, the Express Entry has many distinctive features which have created quite a stir in the world of immigration.

The new introduction has given Canadian immigration a new perspective on following grounds; providing an effective tool to Canadian authorities to select most fitting immigration enthusiasts out of the crowd of many suitors; maneuvering the skilled immigration programs as per local requirements; providing federal and provincial authorities and qualified employers cheaper and more reliable way of selecting personnel; and providing an efficient and smoother migration passage to the willing applicants.

Scope Of Program 

The Express Entry scheme embraces several programs under its operational aspects, like:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Provincial nomination programs, some parts,
  • Bonafide employment offers from qualified employers

Salient features 

The program is revolutionary in all aspects, as it is a flight away from the conventional skilled immigration schemes. The most notable features of the Express Entry are as enumerated:

  • No occupational list hence wider scope for applicants in various trades:
    This scheme sans occupational list, i.e. the skilled migration policy permits applications for immigration from various occupational codes illustrated in ‘0’, ‘A’ and ‘B’ of NOC 2011. This clearly implies that nearly every profession in above mentioned lists qualifies for skilled immigration.
  • No annual numerical limitations:
    In absence of any specific occupational list, annual number cap concept has been shelved, i.e. except overall annual limits on number of applications, the program sans any specific annual trade number caps.
  • Free of Charge Request Creation:
    The applicants can now create their profiles on the Express Entry platform free of any charge. The profile once created can be retained until, either the candidates receive an invite to file or for a period of one year, which ever earlier. If the candidates do not receive any invite in the 12 months, they can create a profile again.
  • No first come first serve principal for evaluating applications:
    This is the most prominent of the features of the new scheme. Now, the people filing their application do not need to also compete against the time as their profiles are taken up as they are filed but selected through short listing rounds. This helps the candidates with a better professional profile as their profiles enjoy visibility owing to higher marks scored by them in CRS.
  • Better visibility for profiles:
    The candidates having a better profile can now breathe easy as they can score higher marks than other competitors in the new critical profile analysis system influenced by CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The candidates are now assessed on much broader scope of things, and they can also include their spouses in the assessment zone. This helps them to get more points on account of education, language and work experience, and achieving higher rankings in the bank of profiles. Candidates to remain in fray for the final selection round must ensure that they satisfy the federal mark based selection criteria. After fulfilling this step, they are asked as to for which economic migrant program they are opting for, i.e., Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Canada Foreign Tradesperson Program (CFRP).
  • CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System:
    The profile assessment system for the skilled immigration has undergone a sea change. Now, the profiles of the candidates are assessed on a completely revised strategy, i.e. the CRS carries out a simultaneous critical profile assessment as the candidates submit the desired inputs about their profiles; academic accomplishments (skills assessment report reference); practical exposure in the trade being nominated in the profile; linguistic skills (TRF of language test); Canadian and work experience (if any); qualifications of spouse, like academic qualifications(skills assessment report reference), linguistic skills (TRF of language test) and work experience; and also the presence (if any) of any blood relations in the Maple Leaf Country. The CRS also takes in account following aspects:

    • Intent of candidates about settling down in some specific province,
    • An on hand confirmed employment offer from a qualified Canadian employer.

After the thorough assessment of the profile through the CRS, the intelligent platform lodges the profiles in the pool of profiles.

  • The selection process:
    • The profiles lodged in bank of profiles are selected by the CIC officials at pre-established junctures. The preference is given to the highly ranked profiles, i.e. either the profiles lodged should have higher marks; or they should have a provincial nomination; or they should have an employment offer. The candidates short listed in principle for the permanent resident visa are sent guidelines to go ahead with second and final step of filing for the Canadian permanent residential permit. The candidates are given a deadline of 60 days to comply with. In this period, the selected applicants must substantiate the claims made by them in their profiles. Failing to comply with the guidelines will result in withdrawal of invite being and deletion of profile. The candidates are also advised here, that if there is change in any personal, professional of any statutory details (like linguistic skills, or professional skills), information should be duly updated in profiles.
    • The participating Canadian provinces are also able to select those candidates who have opted for that specific province; and are found appropriate as per the local requirements of that state. A provincial nomination endorsement can improve the chances of candidate being selected by CIC for permanent residential visa.
    • The official job bank portal has been commissioned to enable the candidates to explore the employment market of Canada. The job bank profiles are being linked with the Express Entry profile. Getting a job offer improves the chances of candidates moving higher in pool rankings.
    • The short listing draws are planned twice a month, and the CIC has promised to the keep the process transparent and fast. The profiles selected in principle for permanent residence visa would be processed within a matter of six months of submission of duly completed second set of applications.

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