Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry Program

Canadian government unveiled Express Entry on January 01, 2015. Canada has always enjoyed indomitable reputation of being regarded as most favorite destination by immigrants from all across the world for study and settling down. There are some obvious reasons for this craving among the serious enthusiasts.

Canada with its prosperous and an ever expanding economy has always managed to outperform its nearest rival countries by a great margin year after year. Today, when most of other rich countries are reeling under the pressure of public debt and slow down, the Maple leaf country is marching ahead. But such flawless performance has not been the case with the skills immigration schemes of this country as several schemes established from time to time have suffered due to severe technical structural bugs and have hindered a free flow of inwards migration of skills and expertise.

This has now changed, as the Canadian government unveiled Express Entry on January 01, 2015. This latest initiative has ushered the Canadian skills immigration program into a new era which promises a much better horizon and prolific results for all the efforts put in to secure appropriately trained professionals and personnel in sufficient numbers.

Canadian skills pools at federal and provincial levels have always faced severe structural deficit of appropriate skills and expertise, and as the domestic demography dwindles further and swings in favor of older populace and workers, the Canadian government is getting more concerned as it has to battle on two fronts and find appropriate solutions to ensure continuation of the prolific economic performance for which Canadian economy is usually associated with. Finding alternative workforce to replace aging workers and filling up the fresh locations generated by expanding sectors is on top priority. The situation is going to be more desperate as the time passes by, i.e. the Canadian economy would need fresh infusion of around 3 million workers by end of this decade.

In house generation of human resources is quite slow, so Canadian government aims to invite people from other locations across the globe, and in a recent move to ensure a reliable and consistent inflow of qualified people, government of Canada has established ‘Express Entry‘ to match and address the contemporary requirements and trends. The new system holds multiple promises for all concerned parties, like:

  • It has become easy for the federal and state governments to locate and select interested migrants at federal and provincial levels;
  • Employers can now breathe easy as they have been offered a reliable way of selecting overseas workers;
  • The immigrants in waiting can be sure of getting quick response and also getting a fair assessment opportunity from Canadian government.

The new program is expected to stay for a much longer period than its predecessors and eventually enjoy the same reputation as the Canadian economy. The program called Express Entry is surely going to fuel the forward march of Canadian economy by providing it rapid solutions in terms on plugging the shortfalls and gaps in skills and expertise. The authorities and officials at Citizenship and Immigration Canada now can relax and enjoy being selective and choosy while short listing candidates for permanent entry into the country. Moreover, they are now able to access the applicants and their spouses on broader parameters.

Similarly, the immigrants who had become wary of the applying for immigrating to Canada through various skilled immigration schemes due to ever changing laws and regulations would now feel much confident and sure while placing their requests for permanent residence visa through the Express Entry. The new system has many things to offer to immigrants, like no backlogs; no one time application system that is influenced by timing factor; fast processing; and access to multiple programs through single window.

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