Canada Express Entry Scheme-File into the Pool, Minus Any Delays!

Canada Express Entry Scheme-File into the Pool, Minus Any Delays!

Facing a dilemma about placing your application for immigrating to Canada through Canada Express Entry Scheme now or later? Do not let the valuable time pass by in this confusion of ‘To do or not to do’ but approach ABHINAV and avail our reliable immigration assistance right away. We can assist you in taking quick and appropriate steps towards successfully creating and submitting your profiles into the Express Entry Pool.

The Express Entry policy is facilitated by an intelligent and interactive electronic platform, and it promises faster disposal of application within a preset time frame of six months. It also offers greater chance to the appropriately educated and trained personnel or gaining entry into the Maple leaf country to settle down and contribute to the productivity of the local economy.

Advantage Abhinav Services
Abhinav is a highly reckoned and most dependable immigration consultancy firm of the nation. We have an expansive experience in dealing with Canadian immigration laws, and to adapt to the working system of new introduction in form of Express Entry, we have adjusted and reassigned our service policy accordingly. The true testimonials to our uncompromising professional attitude are our clients who have entrusted the task of handling their applications at Express Entry.

Express Entry is categorically five phased process that starts with:

  • Creation of Profile, and goes on to
  • Storing in Pool Bank, and if selected
  • Invite for application for permanent residence, succeeded by
  • Filing at CIO, and finally
  • Process at CHC)

Comprehensive Service Package for One Price
We offer you comprehensive service package for all the phases, i.e. right from assessment of your profile to final submission of passports for visa stampings, etc., which you would need essentially to successfully negotiate the new system. We also help in preparing a checklist of documents and also compiling each of substantiations needed at different stages of application process. Hence, you do not just pay us our charges for initial step of creation and submission of your profile in the Express Entry pool, but for each phase connected to the Express Entry process.

Comprehensive Assessment of your profile to ascertain if you qualify eligibility parameters and Compiling all relevant documents
Remember, just obtaining a skills assessment report from WES, and TRF from IELTS does not make you eligible for permanent residence visa through ‘Express Entry’. You need to qualify initial assessment test before the profile creation procedure. After that, to be ranked in the pool of profiles you must score appropriate marks in the critical profile analysis process controlled by Comprehensive Ranking System, CRS. ABHINAV carries out this process much ahead of profile creation process.

Comprehensive review of NOC(s), to be nominated in your profile in Express Entry
Over the years, your professional profile may have been subjected to certain changes and improvements. Each of these changes could have a long lasting impact on your profile and eventually each of the NOC, (changed or improved ranks) involved in your professional history, may have potential of landing you an invite to file for permanent residence visa, at your doorstep. Determining and ascertaining the premise of eligible NOC codes and matching duties and responsibilities needs comprehensive expertise as quoting a wrong NOC can seriously hamper your chances of being short listed. This is where comprehensive support of ABHINAV can prove to be crucial for you, as we help you in short listing and determining each of the appropriate NOC codes that match your past and current engagements with focus of duties and obligations.

Creation of Job Bank profile and linking with your Express Entry Profile
To boost the chances of being short listed for the final phase of application, you need to create and submit a bio-data/CV in the official Canadian job bank. You can count on us in creating and submitting your resume as per standard Canadian job market format and conventions. ABHINAV offers its expertise in this domain also as we are an established authority when it comes creating a resume to match the expectations and aspirations of Canadian employment market.

Complying with 60 day deadline for submission of completed request after receipt of ITA or ‘Invite To Apply’
As ABHINAV offers you comprehensive services for ‘Express Entry’, we offer comprehensive support for the second or final stage of selection process. We help you in preparing a checklist of, compiling, collecting and submission of all the documents that substantiate claims made in the electronic profiles. We help you ensure that you meet the deadline and use the ITA opportunity to your advantage.

Expert support of Yvon Guerin, Certified authorized representative as primary component of the Services and Assistance
ABHINAV offers you this inclusive ‘Value for Money’ service within the rationalized fee structure which most of other firms, offering similar immigration consultancy support, abstain from including these services in their package.

Abhinav’s Experience
Two decades of unrivalled success and experience in providing immigration consultancy services puts us at a vantage point, and we are all prepared to handle your application through each and every phase of Entry Express process. We have all the expertise and the precision to see your application successfully through every stage and phase. Hiring our services would help you to enhance chances of your profile being selected for the final round.

Being offered employment location services at an exorbitant fee and feeling perplexed about lodging a profile on Express Entry with or without an employment offer?

We would highly advise you not fall prey to these exorbitantly expensive traps as these offers are meant to cash on to your desperation of looking to garner some extra points for your Express Entry profile and moreover, most of these offers are fake and fraudulent which you may experience in due course. As the time flows by and the draws take place, you would eventually learn about the figures of the people being selected with or without an employment offer.

If you are looking for viable solutions, look no further than ABHINAV as we have some viable suggestions and services to offer.

Posting a resume in the Job Bank and linking it your Express Entry helps you in highlighting your profile more prominently. Completion this step also enables you to explore the Canadian employment market at the federal and provincial level. The employers in the Maple leaf country are waiting for suitable immigrants who can take up strategically important positions.

But before you post your resume, you need to assess and review your profile in terms of the NOC code, and profile of your current and past engagements. This is where expert knowhow of ABHINAV comes in real handy for you because we know what it takes to highlight your profile on the Job Bank. Contact us TODAY! And avail our expertise to ride smoothly through this process by paying just our package charges.

Hurry up! And start your mission immigration Canada through Express Entry today. Send us your, and your spouse’s (in case you are married) to, and avail a free assessment.


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