Do you know Canada Express Entry Programme Benefits?

Do you know Canada Express Entry Programme Benefits?

DO you know that the benefits of the Canada Express Entry Programme are abundant?The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the Canadian federal immigration department–introduced the Express Entry Programme in the early 2015. It is the country’s Federal immigration system and allows the potential skilled immigrants to live and work in the overseas hotspot as its permanent residents.

If you want to immigrate to Canada using the Express Entry Programme you might be wondering how the Canada Express Entry Programme will benefit you. It quickly streamlines the immigration process and reduces the processing time. Earlier, the applicants had to wait for years but with the Express Entry it’s just six months story.

The system efficiently reviews the applicants’ experience, qualifications, language proficiency and skills so that only the cream gets selected based on the country’s economic needs. Applicants with high CRS score get an ITA from the federal government to continue their PR application through one of the following programmes, the Federal Skilled Trades, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Canadian Experience Class, and some PNPs.

The benefits of the Canada Express Entry Programme are many, recruiting options are ample and applicants can easily respond to the country’s labor shortage. The system does not have any deadline or cap neither does. It has an eligible occupation list like the one we have under the Australian General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM). It also allows the Canadian employers to easily recruit foreign skilled workers through the Job Bank.

Canada Express Entry Programme Benefits

  • Canadian Permanent Resident Visa: Applicants who get selected through Express Entry receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and using the same they can apply for Canadian PR Visa which means successful applicants can live, work or study anywhere in the nation, except Quebec.
  • Quickest Route to Get PR Visa: Another important Canada Express Entry Programme Benefit, through the programme, one can get a PR Visa in just six months or less. The time period starts from the date the application is submitted.
  • Completely Electronic System: It is an entirely electronic system which means the formalities are done online. Applicants are selected based on their Comprehensive Ranking Sore (CRS). Each applicant is reviewed without any discrimination and the final decision is delivered on the basis of their overall performance.
  • Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) Reduced: The IRCC has drastically reduced the CRS in 2017 to allow more immigrants enter the country. Hence, if you want to apply for Canadian PR visa it’s the best time to apply know.
  1. Medical Benefits: No one can underestimate the country’s healthcare system. Ottawa provides state funded medical benefits to its people from all walks of life, and if you happen to be the country’s permanent resident or citizen, the basic health care will be absolutely free for you. As per some observes, it’s one of the most prized Canada Express Entry Programme Benefits.
  2. Safe and Secure: In 2017 the ‘Economist’ termed Canada the most peaceful nation. If you get a PR Visa under Express Entry you get a chance to live in one of the most peaceful nations the world.

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