Canada Express Entry – Petition Procedure, Processing Periods

Canada Express Entry – Petition Procedure, Processing Periods

The Canada Express Entry (EE) application process can be broadly classified into following steps:
Preliminary steps

  • Compiling and arranging documents for submission
    • To start with, you need to complete certain preliminary steps that involve
    • Obtaining a positive skills assessment report on the academic accomplishments from designated skills assessment authority like WES for self and spouse (if you are married)
    • Writing an IELTS or other approved language test to substantiate your linguistic skills in either of the official languages of Canada (English or French) for self and spouse (if you are married).

Completing these steps is critical to your success in the new process as you must reference the reports of these documents in your profile you would be creating on EE, and also

    • Collecting all other documents that
    • Prove identity and date of birth of you, your spouse (if you are married) and dependents (if you have any), and
    • Prove your marital status, and
    • Substantiate work experience of you and your spouse (if you are married) in detail, and
    • Evidence education of you and your spouse (if you are married) in detail, and
    • Evidence permanent employment offer from Canadian employer (if any), or
    • Evidence provincial nomination from a participating Canadian province (if any)

Main course

  • After you have compiled all the required details and document references, you can start the process of profile creation on the ‘Express Entry’. Here, you must first start by locating and determining appropriate NOC code from NOC 2011 that best defines your area of specialization and which you would like to nominate in your application. The process can be broadly defined in following steps:
    • Visiting ‘Come to Canada’ tool that assesses you and provides you a reference number, and
    • Creating a MyCIC account and furnishing the reference code you received from ‘Come to Canada’, and
    • Creating you Express Entry profile and submitting all desired details of
    • You, and
    • Your spouse (if you are married), and
    • Your dependents

As you create your profile and system keeps prompting you to submit your details, The CRS performs a background check on your profile and allots marks to your profile based on certain predefined criteria.

Remember, however, simply creating a profile in Express Entry does not guarantee an Invite for permanent residence application as your profile after being subjected to CRS is ranked and stores in a bank of profiles wherefrom the CIC selects candidates as per requirements.

Post Express Entry Profile creation process

  • Creating a Job bank profile
    To improve your chances of gaining an invite from CIC, you must also create a mandatory Job Bank profile. A job bank profile is especially required for the people who do not either have an employment offer; or who do not have a nomination endorsement from a participating Canadian province. The Job Bank profile must be created within 30 days of lodging your EE profile, in case you fail to do this, your Express Entry profile would be removed

Pooling in the Express Entry Pool

  • If you are deemed qualified for the Express Entry program, your profile is directed to the Profile bank.


  • The CIC conducts short listing draws at regular intervals and instructs the selected applicants to proceed to the second stage of submitting physical evidences that substantiate the claims made by them in their original profiles. The ITA (or invitation to proceed to the nest stage of selection) is usually extended on following grounds:
    • When applicants
      • Have a qualified employment offer, or
      • Have a nomination endorsement from a participating province or territory, or
      • Have a high ranking profile in the pool of other profiles.

If you are short listed in this process, you would be given 60 days to respond positively. Here, you must keep in mind that an ITA (Invite To Apply) also does not guarantee a final permanent residence visa as you must

    • Respond within the 60 day deadline, and also
    • Substantiate all claims mentioned in your Profile as being true and genuine

The CIC promises to dispose permanent resident visa applications within 6 months of receipt of completed files. The applications must have been submitted within the 2 month deadline of issue of ITA.

It is highly recommended that you start the process of compiling all essential documents and substantiations well before creating your profile, because there is good chance of being caught napping, in case, you are short listed for final round of selection under Express Entry. Remember, you would never be able to collect all documents in the given 60 days deadline especially the skills assessment report or language test report. To plan better, you should approach ABHINAV, the approved immigration consultants.

We are highly reckoned, acknowledged, frequently recommended immigration consultant organization for Canada. Our service policy is influenced by an uncompromising attitude for perfection and zero tolerance for errors and mishaps. We ensure whatever we offer and suggest is genuine and through a transparent and honest procedure.

Hiring services of CIC approved visa advisers (or rather companies having a good standing in Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( is always beneficial because these designated organizations are authorized to represent you in the office of CIC and other authorities and agencies in various cases and instances.

You can start your application process for Canada through Express Entry right away by approaching us and mailing your and your spouses’ resume to and avail a free appraisal and profile assessment.


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