Canada Express Entry – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Canada Express Entry – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Canada Express Entry – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On January 1, this year, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officially introduced a fresh electronic arrangement, on the lines of a similar system already in operation in Australia, and called Skill Select. The Canadian electronic system is known as Canada Express Entry, even as it has been started to administer the petitions submitted for the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR), through these federal economic immigration schemes, namely, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Understanding key Features of Express Entry Program will help the candidates and this FAQ is a step in that direction.

It is hoped that this FAQ will help the Express Entry candidates and they would be able to make the most of the scheme without being troubled by any doubts and uncertainties.

Question: What exactly is Canada Express Entry program (EEP) and how it functions?

Answer: EEP is a completely fresh method way of directing and supervising the permanent residence petitions presented in these current economic immigration schemes of the maple leaf country–the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). In additional to skilled immigrants chosen by the federal government, various Canadian provinces & territories will also be enabled to enlist applicants from the Canada Express Entry pool for a segment of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), with a view to fulfill the particular requirements of their local labor market.

Via the system, individuals, who cater to the conditions for any of the above given schemes, will be put into a bank of aspirants – called express entry pool – even as the Canadian administration, the various provincial & territorial administrations, and Canadian recruiters/firms will be enabled to choose individuals from the given pool.

Express Entry – together with the Job Bank of the Canadian Administration – will let qualified recruiters/firms in the Maple Leaf Country and qualified nationals from abroad develop links with one another in a better manner, in the process, making integration swifter after aliens land in the nation. And, Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be given to the aspirants with the maximum scores in the bank.

Question: How the program will prove helpful for Canada?

Answer: Canada is reorganizing its economic immigration structure to guarantee that the nation’s requirements, related to its economic & labor market, are fulfilled and the latest electronic program from the CIC is a major component of the same. Its target is to make the arrangement swifter & more flexible. EEP will make the application procedures for the CIC simpler and easier leading to swifter and well-organized processing and also a better capability to act in response to the nation’s labor market.

Through the Canada Express Entry, the CIC will only entertain petitions from those it has sent invites, to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, via certain particular economic immigration schemes. It will stop the growth of build-ups, by making certain that only the applicants–who are most expected to do well—and not just the first to present their petitions—are in a position to put forward an application to move to the nation.

Question: Which specific immigration schemes will be duly made a part of the Canada Express Entry structure?

Answer: The program will be applicable to these economic immigration plans–Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The various Canadian provinces &territories will also be in a position to employ aspirants from the Canada Express Entry system, for a part of the PNPs, with a view to fulfill the requirements of the local labor market.

Question: Will the EEP change or amend the scheme’s immigration conditions?

Answer: It will not improve or modify the immigration program conditions. It’s not a fresh plan; Canada Express Entry is just a new method for the CIC to administer and run the submission of the economic immigration petitions made online. The Federal points selection Criteria whereby minimum 67 points out of a maximum of 100 points is required will continue to be applicable.

Question: Is it mandatory to have a confirmed work offer to find a position in the Express Entry bank?

Answer: No. The key competition for selection from pool is going to be amongst candidates without confirmed job offer, based on their rank in the CRS. Key is to get into the EE pool, submitting profile into the Canada Job Databank and let the opportunities unfold; that now is the way forward to immigration to Canada.

Question: Is there an upper limit on the figure of applicants given entry to the pool of Express Entry?

Answer: No, there is no cap whatsoever on the figure of aspirants who could gain admission into the pool of Canada Express Entry. And this is likely to lead to a range of applicants with a superior mixture of expertise & experience from which the many Canadian recruiters, territories & provinces can choose to fulfill their particular requirements. However, there is as annual quota CAP on number of federal skilled permanent resident visas for skilled workers and professionals that will be issued every year. Hence sooner, one gets into the express entry pool and submits the profile into Canada Job Data bank, more are the chances for them to be accepted under the Canada express Entry Program.

Question: Job Bank–How does it function with Express Entry?

Answer: Canada job Data Bank offers an opportunity to recruiters in Canada and foreign based skilled, to develop links with one another in a superior manner. After the application is successfully submitted in the express entry pool, a personal reference number is issued. The candidate should lodge his resume in the Canada job Bank making mention of this personal reference number. That will open his profile for review of Canadian Employers, federal agencies and provincial government’s.

Question: How does the Express Entry process works?

Answer: To begin with, the candidate will show the interest in moving to the nation, via generating an online profile for Express Entry. Under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), candidate will share information associated with his work experience, language skills, education, and other particulars that may play a key role in his success in the Maple Leaf Country with the CIC. And, in case he makes the cut-off in the draws, an invitation to apply (ITA) will be issued to him.

Question: How will Express Entry prove useful for the possible applicants?

Answer: The program will provide several benefits, and this comprises (A) Swifter processing times: Majority of the petitions that receive ITA will be fittingly processed in a maximum of 6-12 months, from the time the CIC obtains an all-inclusive petition submitted for permanent residence to a decisive, final decision; and (B) Opens possibilities of obtaining an employment offer from an qualified recruiter in the Maple Leaf Country prior to landing in Canada.

Question: Can candidates who have already applied and are awaiting file application in the EEP?

Answer: Yes. But, the CIC will not give back any processing charges paid for another petition. The current petition will be processed on the basis of the laws and regulations in place at the time earlier application was filed.

Question: Is there a charge to present a profile for Express Entry?

Answer: There is no such charge whatsoever to put forward a profile for Express Entry. However, to be able to file the application in the pool, the candidate must provide key information related to educational credentials, IELTS tests etc. In case of married applicants such expenses must be incurred for both the spouses, especially if the application is being filed with an accompanying spouse. In addition, once the candidate is chosen from the pool and invited to apply for Permanent Residence Visa, he will have to pay required application fee, RRPF, medical costs and any other related incidental expenses.

Question: For how long does the profile of an applicant, filed in the express entry pool remain?

Answer: The profiles for Express Entry will be legitimate for 12 months from the date an applicant successfully submission in the pool. In case he fails to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA)–for the object of permanent residence within this 12-month period and he still wishes to arrive in Canada as a skilled immigrant–he will be required to file a fresh profile into the pool.

Question: How will the various Canadian territories & provinces make use of the Express Entry structure?

Answer: There will be in a position to offer nomination to a certain figure of overseas people, via the Express Entry structure, to cater to their particular local labor market immigration & requirements. In case a candidate receives a nomination from a specific Canadian territory or province, he will get adequate extra points to get an invite, to submit a petition for the permanent residence status at the coming skilled draw of applicants.

Question: What is the procedure for the probable applicants who wish to utilize both Express Entry & a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Answer: The applicant must successfully submit the Express Entry profile. The many territories & provinces can afterwards explore the Express Entry bank and ask an aspirant to submit an application for their PNP, and when the latter obtains a certificate for nomination, they will duly bring up to date their profile for Canada Express Entry. This will surely mean that the candidate will move up in the ranking in the CRS, because he will get 600 additional points and almost certain selection for an ITA in subsequent draws from the pool.

Question: How the scheme will prove useful for recruiters/firms in the Maple Leaf Country?

Answer: It will offer them more recruitment choices and assist them act in response to labor scarcities in a superior way where permanent residents or citizens are not accessible.

Question: How will recruiter/firms in the Maple Leaf Country utilize the Express Entry?

Answer: It is vital that the recruiter/firms in the nation first make every possible attempt to discover either a permanent resident or a citizen to fill unoccupied work-opportunities. Qualified recruiter/firms–who are unable to find a Canadian or permanent resident, for a permanent job–will be enabled to think about aspirants from the bank who cater to their particular requirements.

Question: Will recruiters/firms in the Maple Leaf Country be in a position to duly access the Express Entry bank openly?

Answer: Express Entry & Job Bank will let qualified Recruiters/firms in the nation and entitled trained nationals from abroad to develop links with one another without any problems.

Question: Can a recruiter–who presently hires a temporary foreign worker (TFW)–make use of Express Entry to shore-up his petition for the permanent residence status?

Answer: Yes! As long as the TFW is in Canada working, under a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), the recruiter can provide him with a permanent job, to prop-up his petition for permanent residence. It is essential that the TFW generates an Express Entry profile and incorporates his work offer particulars. An employment offer duly backed by an LMIA will offer a candidate with adequate extra points and be positioned high enough to be sent an invite to put forward an application, at the coming eligible draw of aspirants.

Question: Does the danger of fraud from candidates or recruiters exist?

Answer: As already stated, the Administration of Canada has a zero tolerance for such cases even while it takes the scheme reliability incredibly seriously. The CIC expects the aspirants to be honest in their Application for Permanent Residence and for self-stated profile for Canada Express Entry. At some point in processing, an immigration official will appraise & authenticate all information. Those who have furnished false details may be found inadmissible for distortion of facts, and might be prevented for a period of 5 years from submitting an application for permanent resident position. It comprises petitions completed by immigration agents & attorneys.

Question: Is it possible for an Express Entry applicant to arrive in Canada and begin working prior to he obtains his PR Permit?

Answer: No, the applicants for Canada Express Entry cannot typically arrive in the nation, for job purposes, until and unless he is armed with his permanent resident permit. In some specific situations, applicants will already be in the nation with an impermanent work visa.

Disclaimer: Here, some frequently asked questions–involving Canada Express Entry Program, and their answers–have been provided so that the aspirants for the well-liked program do not have any doubts, and are not plagued with any uncertainties about the scheme. This has been prepared by Ajay Sharma, Founder, ABHINAV for general information and is not to be copied for commercial use. While efforts have been made to confirm correctness of all information, it is strongly recommended that the candidate check with all available resources before taking any steps.


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