Check Your Express Entry Eligibility Requirements & Move Overseas Permanently

Check Your Express Entry Eligibility Requirements & Move Overseas Permanently

Candidates, keen to get a Canada Permanent Residence Visa (PRV), through the popular programme of Express Entry (EE), have to fulfill the mandatory Express Entry Eligibility requirements to find acceptance.

A decision on the eligibility for Express Entry is taken employing an exclusive point-based arrangement, popularly known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It is basically tailored to spot the possible immigrants whose chances of succeeding economically in the Maple Leaf Country are fairly high.

Canada Express Entry Eligibility

With a view to do so efficiently, the EE CRS gives points for certain parameters that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) believes show a relationship with the future economic success for the new immigrants to the hotspot.

These Express Entry Eligibility factors comprise age, overall level of education, French or English language abilities, adaptability, and also the preceding employment experience in the Maple Leaf Country. Partner skills are also included.

With a view to be qualified for Canada EE, the primary Eligibility requirement for Express Entry is to get 67 points in the nation’s points based immigration selection structure.

The bare minimum Canada Express Entry Eligibility requirements of every specific factor, to make the cut for a PR Visa through Canada EE Programme, are:

Age – Less than 40 years

Education – Bachelor’s Degree or more

Employment Experience – 2 years of job experience

English Language Abilities – Illustrated by have a shot at the IELTS Assessment

Good health & moral character – Illustrated by presenting Medicals and PCC.

Some Popular EE Myths & Facts

Now let’s bust some myths surrounding the EE Programme!

Myth 1: After you make your EE profile, you are powerless to bring it up to date even in case you make your points better.

Fact: As an aspirant, you have a right to bring your profile up-to-date at any time while it is in the EE Pool.

Actually, the IRCC encourages aspirants to keep their profiles well updated, since any improvements you make to your central factors (like getting new language abilities, receiving qualifications or concluding new job experience) may boost your general points in the CRS.

It is also possible for you to obtain a provincial nomination or employment offer from a local Canadian job-provider/firm, and improve your points further. Contrary to the belief, your profile in the EE Pool will not be ‘locked’ even as you will have the liberty and the freedom to make it better.

Myth 2: EE makes the entire immigration procedure very easy

Fact: Canadian administration reviews profiles very minutely, and you will require proffering several supporting certificates/papers to fulfill the IRCC’s requirements.

Ottawa has been working towards making its immigration system better in a manner that positively addresses the nation’s labor market scarcities and fulfills its long-term economic requirements.

It denotes that the immigration processing times are presently shorter than ever. Still, it doesn’t denote that your petition will not be subjected to the same degree of examination than before. Actually, the same may be subjected to even higher examination, and given this you would do well to prepare every supporting paper/certificate methodically and also ensure that the entire details that you furnish are 100% correct.


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