Canada Express Entry Benefits Over FSWP

Canada Express Entry Benefits Over FSWP

With Express Entry officially superseding FSWP from January, 01 2015, the Canadian skilled immigration has transformed into a quick processing system. Till the start of 2015, the Canadian economy heavily relied on the conventional skilled migration policy influenced primarily by the erstwhile popular FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program).

The FSWP program though had been hailed as a suitable scheme for many years, the chinks in the armor had started to surface as the obsolete laws and statutes were being increasingly considered to be insufficient for fulfilling the growing needs of the domestic economy and local labor pools of the Maple leaf country.

Now with the new scheme in place, the authorities and immigrant applicants can breathe easy. The new introduction is laden with several benefits like:

Basic Advantages

  • It has bought about a significant way in which the Canadian authorities look for the probable migrants. Now with Express Entry in place, the CIC has a bigger role in controlling the inwards migration, as it can selectively pick up the requests from a pool of candidates for processing rather than passively processing whatever it received from the enthusiasts, and
  • On other hand, the immigrants are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of the new system as the CIC would now be able to dispose-off and process the applications quickly. CIC promises faster delivery of decisions on the files selected for the final round of processing, i.e. within six months of submission of applications by selected applicants at federal level, and
  • The stockpile of pending files and invariably long waiting times is going to a history, and

     Advanced Benefits

  • Wider scope with no trade specific annual numbers caps:

‘Express Entry’ sans any occupational list, i.e. the scope of the skilled migration scheme is quite broad as it is not limited to certain professional codes unlike FSWP. Earlier, CIC allowed intake of applications under only those trade codes which were included for the yearly edition of FSWP. This aspect greatly hindered the efficient functioning of skills migration scheme as many qualified personnel were rendered unsuitable for immigration due to absence of the occupation, or title in the skilled trade list of program. Absence of any specific skilled trade list also means that the skilled migration program is no more limited by a specific trade annual numbers. This has significantly enhanced the scope of skilled migration initiative.
This aspect also highlights another important aspect that the applicants do not need to compete against the time limits and annual quotas. The CIC also enjoys a greater flexibility as it can sort out the best profiles from the pool of profiles and select the most appropriate ones.

  • Free lodging and storing of profiles:

The applicants do not pay anything to create and submit their profiles on Express Entry, i.e. they are asked to remit fees only if their profiles are short listed. Moreover, the applications can be stored for a period of one year if an invite to file for next round is not received. After 1 year the profile can be created again.

  • Adios to first come first serve principle for evaluating applications:

This is the most prominent of the features of the new scheme. Now, the people filing their application do not need to also compete against the time as their profiles are taken up as they are filed but selected through short listing rounds. This helps the candidates with a better professional profile as their profiles enjoy visibility owing to higher marks scored by them in CRS.

  • Better chances of selection due to enhanced visibility:

The applicants with better profiles can score higher points in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The assessment does not include only the principal applicants but also their spouses. The broader evaluation is assists the applicants to score more on account of academic qualifications, linguistic skills and practical exposure, thus helping them in attaining higher ranks pool of profiles.

  • Unrivalled flexibility:

The Express Entry offers unprecedented flexibility to the eager applicants. The absence of physical application kit clearly implies one thing, that now the intending applicants do not need to worry about the details of their profiles being not up to date sometime after submission of their requests. Unlike FSWP, where the information once entered in a submitted FSWP application meant that whatever applicants declared in those forms was deemed as final.
This has changed in the new system as the new system offers greater degree of flexibility otherwise unknown to the applicants of Canadian immigration system. The element of flexibility plays a far more vital role when it comes to furnishing certain updated inputs about personal or professional details like about language, academic qualifications, marital status, etc. The new system creates an electronic application in which the applicants have to submit desired information. The electronic profile can be updated at any after the creation, which can go a long way in improving the chances of applications being selected for the final processing round.

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